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Salomon Aero GT (07/08)
Salomon releases new ski line. We got to test the mid-range model, Aero GT.

Tested model: 170 cm, r = 14.8 m
Sidecut: 117- 66 - 98
Sizes: 154, 162, 170, 178 cm

salomon aeroAero allround models are Salomon's novelty for 07/08 season. The new construction developed by Salomon for the Aero‘s aims at enabling same performance in various types of skiing. A hybrid technology, where fibres in the back half of the ski are implemented parallely with the ski, and in the front half of the ski they are diagonally crossed, results in higher torsion rigidity at the front half of the ski. This enables skier to enter the turns more quickly and more dynamically, as well as finishing them more steadily, resulting in more safety and a nice degree of mistake forgiveness. Multiradius construction, implemented in the high-range Aero X, don't offer various radiuses, although it is connoted by its name. However, it does enable making turns of any radius. All stated above should enable complete control over the ski regardless of the situation, skiing style or the speed.

The model we got to test, Aero GT, belongs to the middle of the range. The models above it are Aero GT+ and top range model Aero X , while Aero Ti and Aero S+, intended for somewhat less experienced skiers, are below Aero GT.

Aero GT proved as a good model for intermediate skiers, regardless of their skill and knowledge, more intended for skiers of a lighter weight who are not too demanding. Considering the fact this is an allround ski, it performs equally on all types of groomed slopes.

Turns are easy to make with Aero GT, and, considering its radius which is, one could say, in the middle of the range, the ski is not "nervous" and is very "obedient", allowing considerably short turns. It performs solidly in softer snow conditions, and since the tested model was somewhat longer in size, wet snow clusters didn't pose problems for it as well. Since its geometry is rather narrow, the ski is not an ideal pick for such terrain, or for any kind of freeride. However, if you happen to find yourself in such conditions, Aero GT won't pose you problems.

If you are not looking for strong and fast ski, but an obedient companion, a ski which will not tire you, at the same time enabling relaxed skiing, do consider this model. The beginners should however take their chance with somewhat lighter ski models.



February 21, 2008 17:28h
Author: Elinka Barišiæ

Provided by:Salomon Austria GmbH,
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