Equipment ≡ Skis Fischer Race SC Pro (08/09)
Fischer Race SC Pro (08/09)
This model is the closest to a slalom model, without being a classical "heavy" ski that will tire you out and ask for a lot of strength, physical condition, and technique.


Tested model: 165 cm, r = 14m
Sidecut: 117-67-99
Dostupne visine: - cm

With this model Fischer did not experiment much; they rather entered the new season with already tested solutions. They decided not to change something that proved good. Popularity and recognizable features are seen in the design as well. Besides, the ski's sidecut has been altered only slightly, edging thus closer in geometry to the toughest race slalom ski (only a one cm difference in the ski's middle, author's remark).

Race SC Pro is based on World Cup slalom geometry, except its slightly weaker flex, which soften the ski and lessens its weight, making it thus more interesting to a wider range of skiers. Also, there is already well known racing performance sidewall, in charge of transferring the weight directly to the ski's edges, so as to ensure very dynamic and direct skiing. Race SC pro is constructed using sandwich structure, comprised of woodcore and double titanium layer. As for the bindings, the novelty is that from this season this model also comes with very popular Flowflex bindings system, which will surely be well accepted. However, we got to test the model with already classical Railflex system.

These skis are still very pleasant surprise on the snow. They were constructed according to race norms, but are still considerably lighter in weight than the "FIS" skis. It is seen as soon as you lift them, and the final confirmation comes when you put them on. Although lighter in weight, Race SC does not act much differently than tougher models. The greatest difference is seen while executing short turns. Although very obedient and easy to ski on, it does enter the turn a bit slower and sluggishly compared to a tougher model. It is extremely guidable in turns; the only important thing is to apply the pressure in the right way, and the ski will do all the rest. The ski will finish the turn nicely, but with tougher models the tracks behind you will look even nicer. It is great that the ski is very forgiving so a bit of relaxing or skiing in the back seat won't result in your being catapulted from the skis or unwanted speed ups.

The ski is very obedient in longer turns and acts calmly, and if you increase the pressure on the ski and guide it actively, you can shorten or lengthen your turns as you wish. Although we're speaking of a lighter model, the ski won't slide at higher speeds thus making you feel safe. Race SC is also cruises nicely in soft snow, where it will ask for a bit more aggressive approach.

The greatest advantage of the ski we got to test is that it won't tire you out, which is a characteristic that will be appreciated by many. It does not ask for perfect ski technique and physical condition and is aimed at skiers looking for not too stiff slalom ski. It is the closest to a slalom ski one can get, without being burdened with "heavy" and speedy race slalom skis. It's a real pleasure to ski on this ski all day long, switching from long to short turns. This ski is perfect for good recreational skiers, as well as for ski experts who enjoy short turns, but are lacking in strength and physical condition. Besides, it is cheaper than some tougher model.

August 02, 2008 12:09h
Author: Vjeran Baranoviæ

Provided by: VITA, Trebnje, d.o.o. Studenec 24 8210 Trebnje Slovenia
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