Brands ≡ Elan Elan Skis 09/10
Elan Skis 09/10
New generation of Speedwave series is the biggest news in Elan's 2009/10 collection.

After successfully launched three seasons ago, Elan has decided it is time for a new generation of Speedwave series (headline photo). New models will benefit from improved Waveflex technology: a continuous wave structure is now "flowing" all the way from tip to tail, even below the binding. Read more about the Elan technology in the special article. Growing up also brought few millimeters in Speedwave models' waist. To be precise, waist width is now 72 mm vs. the previous 70 mm. Consequently, increased are the dimensions of the tips for 7 mm. Nomenclature remained the same; models are marked by numbers from 8 to 14. Speedwave 8 will do for medium skilled skiers, while the top model with a vertical sidewalls, wood core and double titanium layer is just a step away from racing class.

-.--.-elan gsx 2010Waveflex Race series has remained more or less the same. Last year Waveflex technology was introduced here and it remains so for season 2009/10, too. Giant slalom and slalom ski come in two versions each; stiffer (GSX Waveflex (left) and SLX Waveflex) and softer (GS Waveflex i SL Waveflex). The main difference between them is in the type of wood core used and two or just one layer of titanium reinforcement. GS models go up to 182 cm of height, while the SLs stretch to 170 cm. These are all skis for experts with immaculate technique and excellent physical condition.  

-.--.-elan speedx 6 2010Who does not want to bring down the speed records, but simply to enjoy the white holidays will select some of the models in the new SpeedX series. So, after only one year Mag series is replaced by two new SpeedX skis - 4 and 6 (right). With 70 mm in waist and without integrated bindings these will be a good choice for beginners and undemanding intermediates. Available heights from 144 to 176 cm will cover a broad group of potential users. Artificial materials in the core reduce mass and help in the maneuverability for all those who want pure pleasure of skiing on groomed slopes.

For those wanting to search the other side of the mountain covered in deep powder, or simply wishing for a ski that won't limit them in choosing the terrain, there is the Magfire range. It is slightly refurbished for 2009/10 season and there are now four models. Magfire 82 XTi carries the dimensions of the waist in the name and it most suitable for deep or crud snow. 78 Ti and 78 models are slightly narrower and thus more maneuverable on groomed slopes. The Magfire range is rounded with Magfire 74, whose dimensions are quite close to Speedwave line. Complete Magfire series has incorporated Waveflex technology, Fusion bindings and, except the 74, vertical sidewalls. With a wooden core these are the models that will mostly suit advanced and adventurous skiers.

Elan's special attention is traditionally, through their W Studio, devoted to female skiers. Three lines of carefully prepared models wait for buyers: Free series offers five models for the freeride and freestyle, Performance series models are developed on Speedwave basis and will satisfy skiers looking for extra speed on groomed slopes and Recreational series is designed for beginners and hedonists.

Five freeride models are ranging from the 1111 model with a fish tail and a 121 mm waist to 777 Graphite with a 77 mm waist. As a serious tool for the deep snow Alu 1010, followed by 999 and 888 models can be used. All models are built around the laminate woodcore strengthen by double titanium layer and have vertical sidewalls. Freestyle models have "screaming" design and equal names, such as Pogo Sticks, Sling Shot, Boomerang ... By embedded technology solutions they are similar to the freeride models, with the replacement of double titanium layer by fiberglass.

Wide range of Elan skis is rounded with junior and touring models. Appropriately, light materials are used for the children skis' core. In touring models a Nomex core is used in combination with wood. Nomex has a honeycombed structure that makes ski light but torsionally rigid, which is important for all the touring enthusiasts.

April 16, 2009 09:27h
Author: Goran Vukeliæ
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